If you're on this page, you are probably looking for info about the Game Boy music tracker
Little Sound Dj, commonly known as

What is LSDJ?
LSDJ is software for composing music on the Nintendo Game Boy.
It allows full control over the sound capabilities of the Game Boy and is able to make complex sounds and elaborate arrangements.
Music is composed directly on the Game Boy screen using the D-pad and buttons, using different menus and key combinations to manipulate the program.
Who makes LSDJ?
LSDJ is written and maintained by Johan Kotlinski, who has been developing the software since 2000-07-06. Several contributions in finding bugs or suggesting improvements have been made by the community, and are credited in the CHANGELOG

How do I get LSDJ?
Go to the LSDJ website and find the HOW TO GET IT section.

But wait that costs money...
Did you catch the part in the where one person has been maintaining and improving this software since 2000!? Give Johan some money. It's $1 minimum but you should donate more ;)

Okay, I have LSDJ... what now?
You need to run it on something, and that something is going to be either hardware or an emulator...

To run on hardware you will need:

  • The LSDJ ROM (
  • A compatible Game Boy device. Options include:
    • Game Boy (DMG) - the classic brick
    • Game Boy Pocket (GBP) - the DMG on a diet
    • Game Boy Color (CGB) - the sleek color upgrade
    • Game Boy Advance (GBA) - "works", not feasible due to button layout
    • Game Boy Advance SP (AGS) - works great, needs headphone dongle
    • Super Game Boy (SGB) - LSDJ on the big screen
    • Game Boy Player (Gamecube) - LSDJ on the big screen (again)
  • A programmable cartridge ("flash cart") to load the ROM on to.
    Options include:
    • (gonna list a few cartridges here later)
    • (sorry for the inconvenince)

To run on an emulator, get:

  • Windows
  • bgb
    generally considered accurate and solid for LSDJ purposes.
    see my bgb setup guide (coming soon)

    a very good gaming emulator, some downsides for LSDJ
  • Mac
  • someone suggest one
    for real I don't know what's good
  • Linux
  • no clue here
    don't have the time
  • Android
  • email me some
  • iOS
  • i need help
    send me a link to something